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Here on this page, you will find effective repair and maintenance tips for garage doors.

Garage doors and children

It is important to consider whether children or toddlers will be using the structure during garage door repair. That means that you can put in some extra protective measures for purposes of reducing the possibility of accidents. Of course this specialist equipment costs money but the upside is that you will be protecting your precious ones. The same rules apply if you have disabled users on the property regardless of whether it is a private home or business premises.

Garage door manuals

The owner’s manual can be a perfect complement when working on your installation. This is because everything that you need to know is contained in that tiny booklet. Many of them are actually written in a language that is very easy to understand even if you are a lay person who has never worked with any of the parts that are being illustrated.  In any case, it is also advised to contact our experts at Cicero for further assistance.

Garage door opener security

Most accidents occur when a garage door is closing and in order to prevent them, it is better to buy an opener with photoelectric eye safety beams. These are placed just above the floor and send signals across the path of the door. The door will reverse automatically if the signal is broken and does not wait till it actually touches the object in its path.

Pay attention to garage door noises

When the garage door noises get louder than usual, perhaps it's time to lubricate the garage door parts. If the noise is still loud, try to see if some parts are broken or nuts, garage door hinges and brackets are loose. Rusty parts will also make noise. Be aware that friction will ruin the components.

Leave sufficient space for clearance

According to our specialists, garage doors need a clearance space for safety. If you fail to leave a certain area for movement, the doors may hit things on their way up or down, which could be you or your car. Though most garage doors have a reversing mechanism, you may still get hurt if you stand in its way.

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