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The best answers to questions on garage door repair and maintenance are listed below.

The garage door slammed shut after a loud bang. How do we get it open again?

It's likely that the spring is broken and Garage door repair experts recommend that you get it replaced. Extension springs usually stretch across the track and need to be changed completely, and if the spring is on a shaft located at the top of the door, you may notice a separation in the spring, which can be replaced only by a technician.

What is the importance of safety cables?

In case the garage door spring snaps suddenly, the safety cables help keep them in place. They are usually attached to the door track or the wall and run through the garage door spring. The spring and the safety cable are connected to the same support. They weigh slightly less than garage door cables and are relatively easy to install. Before buying just check your garage door track and then finalize on the list of parts that you will actually need.

Can garage doors be painted?

The truth is that most materials can be painted in any color. Aluminum comes in different colors from the industry but it's perhaps the only material that cannot be painted. As for the other garage door materials our company in Cicero says that there are actually hundreds of powder coats available in terms of colors.

Does my door need a "tune-up"?

A garage door tune-up can extend the life of the door and its mechanisms; maintain optimum performance; and ensure that there are no security or safety issues. When you hear unusual noises; feel some resistance or heaviness when operating the door; the door falls heavily or bounces when lowered; rollers vibrate, jam, slip or stick in their tracks or the door doesn't raise or lower equally on both sides; it is a good time to give us a call for a "tune-up".

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